the backbone of the hypermax Oxygen system

Exercising with Oxygen therapy (EWOT)

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy or EWOT is a safe, effective therapy based on proven physiological principles. Some of your patients may see results very quickly, feeling euphoric, even after their first treatment. With others, it can take more time. One thing is for certain.  If your patients dedicate time toward exercising with oxygen, they have the potential to see great results from their health and wellness.

As a doctor or medical professional, you know that getting oxygen to the cells is one of the most important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life. ”

The basic EWOT protocol involves using any type of aerobic exercise that gets the heart rate to an optimum level. (170 -Patient’s Age – BPM) Once the heart rate is up, the higher Oxygen Purity is breathed via a mask for just a short 15-minute session.

The well-proven theory is that when the heart rate is elevated and the higher oxygen purity is consumed, the plasma then pushes more oxygen into the blood vessels and capillaries.  That moves the oxygen deeper into every region of the body while it is looking for restored fuel that has been depleted due to the exercise.


the two most common questions we get: 

1) Why not just breathe the oxygen straight from the Oxygen Generator?
2) Why exercise while breathing the higher oxygen purity?

The answers to both questions go hand in hand.  The very name EWOT means exercising WITH oxygen therapies.  Of course, you can breathe the higher oxygen purity out of the generator  and it is certainly better than breathing every day 21% oxygen purity.  But since the average person breathes 60 liters per minute while exercising and the HyperMax SuperPure 93 Oxygen Generator only allows 10 liters per minute of output, you need a way to “store” those extra 50 liters per minute.  Hence the need for the HyperMax Oxygen 900 liter storage Cylinder.

If your patients want to skip the exercise, this is not the right therapy for them.  Without the elevated heart rate, they will not be taking advantage of the body’s natural ability to move the higher oxygen purity into the plasma.  It simply does not work without the work that comes from the exercise.


If the brain and body is to grow and heal, we need to get oxygen to it.  That is why exercising with oxygen therapy is so vital.

Benefits & uses

HyperMax Oxygen is a patent-pending, health and fitness oxygen delivery system designed to fill the body with THREE TIMES or 300% MORE oxygen purity than everyday 21% oxygen purity.

The System is doctor-tested with patients to use while exercising. By dramatically increasing blood oxygen levels, the HyperMax Oxygen System can help restore stronger blood flow to your patients’ muscles and tissues.  And then a host of other benefits take place from higher energy to stronger mental clarity.

Whether your patients are trying to stay healthy, starting to get fit, building their immunity system (especially in these troubled times) or trying to quicken their recovery, HyperMax does it all. And it’s for everyone age 14 and older.

by using hypermax, patients & doctors report:


mental clarity




Which patients use hypermax oxygen: 

People wanting to
STAY fit & healthy

Those preparing to START getting in better shape

People working to RECOVER from mental and physical stress

Customers wanting to EXPERIENCE natural wellness

Individuals trying to
LIVE longer


Restored Energy

Decreased Inflammation

Boosted Immunity

Increased Focus

Dr. Von ardenne

The HyperMax Oxygen System is based on the scientific studies and trials of Dr. Manfred von Ardenne over 60 years ago. The late Dr. von Ardenne was one of the original researchers who spent years conducting studies with tens of thousands of patients on how the body works with, and responds to, increased levels of Oxygen Saturation. His book, Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy is considered by many as the leading resource on the subject.

Through his research, Dr. von Ardenne found that higher levels of Oxygen in the body can contribute to the recovery of disease and help to achieve optimum overall health and increase longevity.  He also found that the oxygen did wonders for the immunity system.

Dr. von Ardenne’s studies revealed that the Oxygen had to have at least 68% purity to have a significant effect.  With the HyperMax Oxygen System, we’ve added 25% more purity to Dr. von Ardenne’s minimum of 68%.  The HyperMax Oxygen System now delivers 93% purity, three times the purity of the normal 21% air we breathe.

Dr. von Ardennes found that our bodies tend to peak at age 22 when it comes to oxygen efficiency.  Therefore, using supplemental high purity oxygen for 15 minutes can restore some of those youthful actions and energentic feelings we had in our early 20’s.  Many who use EWOT talk about feeling decades younger. Even though the United States Wellness Institute or HyperMax Oxygen is not affiliated with Dr. Manfred von Ardenne or the von Ardenne Institute, his science is the backbone of our amazing system.

The HyperMax Formula for Doctors and Patients:

93% pure Oxygen +
15 minutes of exercise = Better Health and Fitness
The United States Wellness Institute or the HyperMax Oxygen team does not provide medical advice and the system is not FDA approved or cleared. HyperMax is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You may want to consult a doctor before making any change in exercise or oxygen consumption. Your results may vary and some reported results may not be typical. HyperMax Oxygen is based on the research and trials of the late Dr. Manfred von Ardenne. It has not been tested or proven to help prevent or cure any type of virus. If you have further concerns, please read and download the FDA’s “General Wellness: Policy for Low Risk Devices” before purschasing or using HyperMax Oxygen.


You can start with just one HyperMax Oxygen in your office and grow to a dozen or more.  You’ll see that when your clients discover the power of exercise with oxygen, they’ll be coming to see you more often for their personal 15 minute session. 


Up your game, gain that extra edge and crush your workouts like never before. Hypermax Oxygen is the ultimate game changer for athletes ready to take control of their body’s oxygen levels and achieve a higher level of performance.


If your training program needs that extra push to boost revenue and help your clients achieve their fitness goals, HyperMax Oxygen sessions could provide that big break you’ve been waiting for.


Ready for a renewed buzz and record memberships at your gym? Get started today by adding a few HyperMax Oxygen Sport Systems to your facility. Special pricing available on orders of multiple systems.


As all good coaches know—champions are made in the off-season. Jumpstart your workouts by adding HyperMax Oxygen to your practices and give your players that extra advantage on game day.

Harness the power of Oxygen.

Oxygen heals & energizes, improves mental performance, strengthens the physical body and stimulates your sex drive. In scientific studies, test subjects improved their memory an average of 20%, and reaction times in certain activities an average of 15%. And the HyperMax Oxygen Health and Fitness System is certified for 93% oxygen purity, so you know what you’re getting with every breath.

Holistic Science

Human cells need oxygen above all else to survive and thrive. Better oxygen means a better mind and a better body. That’s what HyperMax Oxygen is all about. 300% more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right now.

Early Adopters

The use of oxygen for health and fitness isn’t new, but HyperMax certainly is. Our revolutionary approach to exercising with oxygen is at a breakthrough technological level, awaiting health-minded pioneers who love to be first.


The top building block in the body is oxygen. No matter how you map your personal eco-system, all roads connect with oxygen. HyperMax is the superhighway to better wellness. It delivers three times more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right this minute.