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Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is quickly becoming the go-to for a holistic approach to feeling the best you’ve ever felt. Below find articles that will educate, surprise and inspire.


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Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance Several studies show the many benefits of EWOT: Endurance increased by 32-67% Power increased by 8-14% VO2 Max increased by 4-12% Lactic acid: reduced 34-60% Fat-burn for fuel increased Mitochondrial capacity maximized Reaction time reduced 12-18%...

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Professional Sees HyperMax Results

Professional Sees HyperMax Results

“In my medical practice, I have employed EWOT protocols for over a decade. I whole-heartedly believe that the most exceptional Exercise With Oxygen system on the market is HyperMax Oxygen. This is the system I now use exclusively with all of my patients. Over the last year, we have found that quality exercise coupled WITH the newest, state-of-the-art Hypermax Oxygen system tends to be the most powerful “1-2 punch” for your body’s immune system, mental alertness and overall heart health.”

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Personal Trainer Review

Personal Trainer Review

“I just used HyperMax for the first time and I feel amazing. I have not felt this good after a workout in… I can’t even tell you how long! For the past several years, I’ve done more of a holistic all natural approach to my wellness and workouts. I’m so excited to find a system — that I can have in my own home — where I can breathe in more clean, pure oxygen as i exercise, without the need of any prescriptions, doctor visits or supplements. I love HyperMax!”

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Improvement with Oxygen Therapy

Improvement with Oxygen Therapy

“After my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my sister did some research and we learned about this Oxygen Wellness system at a clinic. And after 17 Oxygen sessions, it’s just been great, because he’s really been progressing. Now he’s able to speak, express, recognize, laugh, he has more energy, he’s lively now. I have a lot of faith in what we’re doing for him right now, and we will continue to do so because we know this is just going to help him — and hopefully he’ll get back to be that person, he was before. I have a lot of faith in this product.”

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  • Revolutionary At-Home Oxygen Delivery
  • Small Footprint fits in any home, apartment, condo or office
  • 93% O2 Purity floods your body’s cells with HyperMax Oxygen
  • Just 15 Minutes per Session
  • Breath in Oxygen Purity through the Nose and Mouth (with a mask)
  • Capillaries and Micro vessels Vasodilate (open wide)
  • Used in High-End Gyms & Doctors’ Offices
  • Light, Moderate or Intense Exercise
  • Unleashes a Wealth of Physical & Mental Benefits

Medical Practices

Doctors and medical professional know nothing lives long without oxygen. You can help your patients live better with 93% pure, HyperMax Oxygen- it’s new revenue for your practice, while improving their health and wellness.

Naturopathic Professionals

Nothing is more natural than oxygen. That’s what HyperMax is all about. Moderate exercise while breathing higher oxygen purity. You’ll get a new income stream while satisfied clients regularly return for the oxygen they love.

Clinic and Spa Owners

HyperMax is an innovative addition to your clinic or spa. It only takes a small 26” footprint, but it can return big revenue to you, and even larger wellness benefits to your customers. Oxygen and exercise working together is here to stay.

Physical Therapists

Adding HyperMax Oxygen to your patients’ PT regime can give them a big advantage; oxygen and exercise can reduce inflammation and improve mobility. For you, it’s a financial advantage bringing in new revenue.


Up your game, gain that extra edge and crush your workouts like never before. Hypermax Oxygen is the ultimate game changer for athletes ready to take control of their body’s oxygen levels and achieve a higher level of performance.


If your training program needs that extra push to boost revenue and help your clients achieve their fitness goals, HyperMax Oxygen sessions could provide that big break you’ve been waiting for.


Ready for a renewed buzz and record memberships at your gym? Get started today by adding a few HyperMax Oxygen Sport Systems to your facility. Special pricing available on orders of multiple systems.


As all good coaches know—champions are made in the off-season. Jumpstart your workouts by adding HyperMax Oxygen to your practices and give your players that extra advantage on game day.

Harness the power of Oxygen.

Oxygen heals & energizes, improves mental performance, strengthens the physical body and stimulates your sex drive. In scientific studies, test subjects improved their memory an average of 20%, and reaction times in certain activities an average of 15%. And the HyperMax Oxygen Health and Fitness System is certified for 93% oxygen purity, so you know what you’re getting with every breath.

Holistic Science

Human cells need oxygen above all else to survive and thrive. Better oxygen means a better mind and a better body. That’s what HyperMax Oxygen is all about. 300% more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right now.

Early Adopters

The use of oxygen for health and fitness isn’t new, but HyperMax certainly is. Our revolutionary approach to exercising with oxygen is at a breakthrough technological level, awaiting health-minded pioneers who love to be first.


The top building block in the body is oxygen. No matter how you map your personal eco-system, all roads connect with oxygen. HyperMax is the superhighway to better wellness. It delivers three times more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right this minute.