9 Compelling Benefits Of Ewot Therapy To Change Your Exercise Regime

It is an undeniable fact that to try and remain fit and healthy has become a necessity today. People go for a morning walk, try strength exercises, while some prefer yoga. So, everyone is doing something to stay fit.

But after some time you start feeling fatigued and stop doing exercise. The main reason for feeling fatigue is not taking in the required amount of oxygen.

How to increase your stamina to feel more refreshed and less fatigue? The answer is an exercise with oxygen therapy which is also known as EWOT.

Do you want to know what is EWOT?

It is a simple, inexpensive, and a well-researched technique of doing exercise. This therapy increases your intake for high levels of oxygen in your body during regular exercise. This helps in elevating the amount of oxygen in your blood plasma and tissues.

As mentioned earlier, this technique of exercising is simple. You may be wondering how.

Check this:

  • Oxygen concentrators are used to produce high-quality oxygen with a purity of around 90%-95%.
  • High-grade oxygen is channeled to the accelerators to provide 8–10 liters of oxygen per minute.
  • With the help of the oxygen mask, a person can inhale high-quality oxygen at an accelerated rate.
  • Exercise is done for 15–20 minutes to attain the benefits of EWOT.

Now you have the gist of EWOT. Have you ever thought what is the point of doing such a procedure?

Let me explain to you the benefits of EWOT and why it is important.
  • It reduces the trauma or stress in your body. You may have noticed that during accidents, the paramedical team uses the oxygen mask. This is not for the lungs or heart. But to decrease the stress level in the body so that, it doesn’t cause any additional injuries.
  • This therapy refreshes your brain. As 25% of the oxygen goes to the brain. This, in turn, makes your mind relaxed and focused.
  • Many diseases such as asthma, cancer, and anemia can be stopped as these diseases thrive in the poor oxygen environment.
  • It increases the blood circulation of the body and oxygenates the blood cells and tissues.
  • It relaxes the muscles which are helpful in increasing your strength lines by 20%.
  • High intake of oxygen also reduces skin-related problems like wrinkles and acne. This slows down the process of aging.
  • This therapy is time-saving. You only need to spend 15–20 minutes every day.
  • It also helps your body lose weight faster as when we exercise we burn oxygen. This helps to burn calories 20% faster.

By now you must have realized why EWOT Therapy is important for your body. Hence, the next question is from where to seek the therapy. There are several clinics providing EWOT therapy in Phoenix. One of them is Platinum Wellness.

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