HyperMax Customer Testimonials

What HyperMax users are saying…

Who uses HyperMax Oxygen? People of all ages and from all walks of life. These real customer testimonials showcase the power of HyperMax Oxygen.

“I’m a five time cancer survivor, and I can tell you: 15 minutes on HyperMax changed everything for me. From the first week I used it, HyperMax was making me feel better and actually breathe better, and my husband even said the color was returning to my face. HyperMax was a game-changer, because I went from dragging myself around to hopping and skipping around, and thrilled to death to be alive.”

Annie • 68

Cedar Park, Texas

Annie and others were compensated for their time to participate in HyperMax Oxygen trials.

“About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I treated it first with external beam radiation, to get the outside of the prostate, which is a lot of radiation, when it’s all said and done. At first, my cancer readings were good…but then all of the sudden I started urinating blood, it was pretty scary. My doctor then prescribed Hyperbaric, but the nearest facility was a 4-hour round trip drive. So I went online and researched alternative Oxygen therapies, and I finally found your EWOT system. After the very first day of using it, the next morning when I woke up—I had no blood in my urine. It was amazing.”


Winter Park, Colorado

“Initially I was taking blood pressure medicine, but I really started to feel bad from it. Not only was it not helping me feel better, but it was actually causing me more side effects. So I said, ‘there’s got to be a better way’. Then I found EWOT, and it is a side-effect free, safe, effective solution for my blood pressure issues. Now I show people my ‘before and after’ numbers from my blood pressure monitor, because now, I am really excited about EWOT.”


Covington, Georgia

“I’ve had prostate cancer twice – and it has been a tough two years, physically. But from the very first day using the Exercise with Oxygen system with the treadmill, I just knew that the oxygen therapy seemed like the best thing for me. I’ve been able to go to 99-100% oxygen in my bloodstream, and it’s causing me to exercise at a steeper pace on the treadmill than I ever had before—and my speed has gotten faster too. So as long as I’m on the oxygen, it’s been unbelievable to me, because I could see the numbers on the treadmill display, and I can tell I’m making progress. I’m going ‘holy moly I’m really getting better.’”


Yorba Linda, California

“I’m in Austin and there’s just a million hike and bike trails everywhere. I love to go out running—on average I’m usually getting five miles every day, and not only that but I swim as well. So when I started using HyperMax I immediately noticed I had more energy on my runs than before. When I’m doing cardio, a lot of times I’ll get winded; but with HyperMax, my stamina and endurance improved greatly in the few weeks.”

Floyd • 55

Austin, Texas

Floyd and others were compensated for their time to participate in HyperMax Oxygen trials.

“It’s amazing what it can do.”

“After my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my sister did some research and we learned about this Oxygen Wellness system at a clinic. And after 17 Oxygen sessions, it’s just been great, because he’s really been progressing. Now he’s able to speak, express, recognize, laugh, he has more energy, he’s lively now. I have a lot of faith in what we’re doing for him right now, and we will continue to do so because we know this is just going to help him — and hopefully he’ll get back to be that person, he was before. I have a lot of faith in this product.”


Irvine, CA

“I think HyperMax is like a 15-minute miracle, really. I used to spend hours at the gym, and didn’t feel half as good compared to when I’m working out with HyperMax. Spending only 15 minutes a day exercising, to get all the benefits of more pure Oxygen, is amazing. After I get my 15 minutes done, I’m energized for the whole day.”

Stacy • 43

San Antonio, Texas

Stacy and others were compensated for their time to participate in HyperMax Oxygen trials.

“I’m 60 years old. My wife and I are both Ex-Ultra marathoners, and I haven’t done a run in over 18 months. But since I’ve quit running, I’ve got this Exercise with Oxygen System set up to the Peleton, and I love it. It keeps in the game.”

Allen • 60

Houston, Texas

“As a former college athlete, HyperMax Oxygen has been a game changer for me. I could definitely feel the change in my athletic endurance and performance after the first week of using it.”

Barry • 49

Driftwood, Texas

As a HyperMax team member, Barry knows better than most what the system can do for his health and fitness. 

“In my medical practice, I have employed EWOT protocols for over a decade. I whole-heartedly believe that the most exceptional Exercise With Oxygen system on the market is HyperMax Oxygen. This is the system I now use exclusively with all of my patients.

Over the last year, we have found that quality exercise coupled WITH the newest, state-of-the-art Hypermax Oxygen system tends to be the most powerful “1-2 punch” for your body’s immune system, mental alertness and overall heart health.

“Exercise with Oxygen” systems — like HyperMax Oxygen — have dramatically helped a huge population of my patients. Because of our using the HyperMax Oxygen protocols, patients both young and old are now experiencing a much more vibrant day-to-day life.”  


Dr. Jeffrey Donatello, D.C.

Doctor/Clinic Director
B.S. in Medical Rehabilitation • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine • Board Certified in Functional Medicine • Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

“I just used HyperMax for the first time and I feel amazing. I have not felt this good after a workout in… I can’t even tell you how long! For the past several years, I’ve done more of a holistic all natural approach to my wellness and workouts. I’m so excited to find a system—that I can have in my own home—where I can breathe in more clean, pure oxygen as i exercise, without the need of any prescriptions, doctor visits or supplements. I love HyperMax!”

Jena, Austin

Personal Trainer
Jena and others were compensated for their time to participate in HyperMax Oxygen trials.


“Exercising with HyperMax has increased the oxygen circulation throughout my entire body and totally changed my life! I’m here to tell you: this Oxygen wellness thing is for real.”

mark • 64

Mark is one of our HyperMax team Members who use the system every day before work


“I am a bit older, so I have aches and pains when it comes to working out. But after my first few sessions with HyperMax, my recovery after workouts was so much better!

clare • 59

austin, Texas
Claire and others were compensated for their time to particiapte in the HyperMax Oxygen trials


“After using HyperMax for the first time, I knew it was different… I could feel it. It was a feeling I haven’t had, since I was 17 years old! HyperMax has become the fountain of youth for me.”

mike • 70

elgin, Texas
Mike and others were compensated for their time to particiapte in the HyperMax Oxygen trials


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Harness the power of Oxygen.

Oxygen heals & energizes, improves mental performance, strengthens the physical body and stimulates your sex drive. In scientific studies, test subjects improved their memory an average of 20%, and reaction times in certain activities an average of 15%. And the HyperMax Oxygen Health and Fitness System is certified for 93% oxygen purity, so you know what you’re getting with every breath.

Holistic Science

Human cells need oxygen above all else to survive and thrive. Better oxygen means a better mind and a better body. That’s what HyperMax Oxygen is all about. 300% more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right now.

Early Adopters

The use of oxygen for health and fitness isn’t new, but HyperMax certainly is. Our revolutionary approach to exercising with oxygen is at a breakthrough technological level, awaiting health-minded pioneers who love to be first.


The top building block in the body is oxygen. No matter how you map your personal eco-system, all roads connect with oxygen. HyperMax is the superhighway to better wellness. It delivers three times more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right this minute.