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Long before almost anyone had heard about Exercise with Oxygen, Dr. Jeffery Donatello wrote a breakthrough book, the first in this country, on the benefits of using high purity, 93% Oxygen.  It’s been a big seller online for over a decade. 

In his book, Dr. Donatello shares dozens of real-life stories from patients who have had extraordinary results from using higher oxygen purity while exercising. You’ll be touched and motivated by how just a 15-minute session can change lives. No matter if better health, fitness or wellbeing is your goal, you’ll see how it can help almost everyone at almost every stage of life. (Including you.)


ADHD  •  Anxiety  •  Asthma  • Body Aches & Pains  •  Cancer  •  Chronic Bronchitis  •  Chronic Fatigue  •  Congestive Heart Failure. •  COPD  •  Cystic Fibrosis  •  Depression  •  Dizziness  •  Emphysema  •  Fibromyalgia  •  Grand Mal Seizures  •  Insomnia  •  Migraines   Peripheral neuropathy  •  Pneumonia  •  Pulmonary Fibrosis  • Restless Leg Syndrome  •  Sciatica  •  Sleep Apnea  •  Vertigo

“In my medical practice, I have employed EWOT protocols for over a decade. I whole-heartedly believe that the most exceptional Exercise With Oxygen system on the market is HyperMax Oxygen. This is the system I now use exclusively with all of my patients.

Over the last year, we have found that quality exercise coupled WITH the newest, state-of-the-art Hypermax Oxygen system tends to be the most powerful “1-2 punch” for your body’s immune system, mental alertness and overall heart health.

“Exercise with Oxygen” systems — like HyperMax Oxygen — have dramatically helped a huge population of my patients. Because of our using the HyperMax Oxygen protocols, patients both young and old are now experiencing a much more vibrant day-to-day life.”  


Dr. Jeffrey Donatello, D.C.

Doctor/Clinic Director



Dr. Donatello has a great writing style and writes about a subject that is not well understood…but has massive positive impact on the health of chronic condition sufferers. This book is a must read if you have fibromyalgia, vertigo, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy or a myriad of other chronic conditions that have been unresponsive to tradition treatment.

Dr. Karl Johnson

“Dr. Donatello’s book, although short in pages, is clear in its purpose, and that is to inform the reader as to the tremendous benefits of EWOT training. I have been using oxygen therapy for four months and I have noticed a great difference in my level of fatigue upon rising in the morning, and after exercise. I sleep much better and my energy level is noticeably higher.

Luke McCoy

Dr. Donatello packs a literal goldmine into these 59 pages. He explains complex physiology in a clear, conversational style (after you finish, you’ll feel like he’s your close friend and advisor). I myself am a doctor who works with chronically ill patients and know that the brain must have 2 things to be healthy: fuel and activation.  

Dr. david clark


Up your game, gain that extra edge and crush your workouts like never before. Hypermax Oxygen is the ultimate game changer for athletes ready to take control of their body’s oxygen levels and achieve a higher level of performance.


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Harness the power of Oxygen.

Oxygen heals & energizes, improves mental performance, strengthens the physical body and stimulates your sex drive. In scientific studies, test subjects improved their memory an average of 20%, and reaction times in certain activities an average of 15%. And the HyperMax Oxygen Health and Fitness System is certified for 93% oxygen purity, so you know what you’re getting with every breath.

Holistic Science

Human cells need oxygen above all else to survive and thrive. Better oxygen means a better mind and a better body. That’s what HyperMax Oxygen is all about. 300% more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right now.

Early Adopters

The use of oxygen for health and fitness isn’t new, but HyperMax certainly is. Our revolutionary approach to exercising with oxygen is at a breakthrough technological level, awaiting health-minded pioneers who love to be first.


The top building block in the body is oxygen. No matter how you map your personal eco-system, all roads connect with oxygen. HyperMax is the superhighway to better wellness. It delivers three times more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right this minute.