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HyperMax Oxygen, just 15 minutes a day to help transform your Health, Fitness, and overall Wellbeing. See how Professionals, Trainers, and Wellness Enthusiasts are harnessing the power of Oxygen in the office and at home.
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The System

HyperMax Oxygen is a patent-pending, health and fitness oxygen delivery system designed to fill the body with 300% MORE oxygen purity than the 21% you’re breathing right now.. The System is professionally-tested with patients.

The Science

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is a safe, effective therapy that has been used and proven for decades. Breathing higher oxygen purity while exercising can mean improved wellness for people of all ages and health conditions.

The Results

What HyperMax Oxygen means for most people is feeling better and thinking clearer.  Everything from more energy and faster recovery, to higher mental focus, with oxygen and exercise together—HyperMax can do it all.


Whether you’re a wellness professional, naturopathy clinic, spa owner or physical therapist—HyperMax Oxygen is the latest innovation in oxygen technology, something both you and your patients need to try.



Hypermax Oxygen is widely considered to be the “Must-Have” oxygen system in the sports world for athletes looking to achieve a higher level of performance, crush their workouts and take their game to the next level.


As a more holistic approach to wellness, HyperMax Oxygen is a highly effective technique used for everything from boosting your immunity to improving your overall mind and body for the better.

Maximum Energy

Imagine feeling a renewed energy from the moment you wake up. HyperMax can give you the physical and mental boost you’ve been looking for.  No caffine needed here.


Faster Recovery

When you’re exhausted or fatigued, you know how breathing in good, clean oxygen can make you feel. Add 300% more oxygen purity and see what happens.


Mental Clarity

HyperMax can do as much good for your mental state as your physical wellbeing.  Mental wellness is vital to living better.  Feeling a little foggy?  See things more clearly with 93% oxygen purity, and let the rest go to your head.


Stronger Immunity

Maintaining a strong immune system is critical to staying well, especially today. HyperMax Oxgen can give your immunity a head start in the right direction.


Deeper Sleep

A good day isn’t possible without a good night’s sleep. HyperMax customers report sleeping more soundly for longer hours and feeling better when they wake up- a direct result of higher oxygen purity.  

Better Endurance

Endurance is critical to everyone (not just athletes) to get through the ups and downs of daily life.  In only a short time, you can discover better mental and physical stamina while exercising while breathing HyperMax Oyxen.

Minute Sessions

% Pure O2

Liter Intake

Restored You

Part of a Proven System

Whether you’re trying to stay healthy, starting to get fit, building your immune system, or working to recover faster—HyperMax can help you with all of it and more.. And it’s for everyone in the family ages 14 and older.

With the HyperMax Oxygen System, you can exercise however you’d like to elevate your heart rate, add the HyperMax Oxygen Mask, and breathe normally, while up to 900 liters of 93% Oxygen purity fills your entire body in only 15 minutes. You’ll be amazed at the results HyperMax Oxygen can deliver for you, your clients, your family, friends and loved ones.

Every one of my patients uses the HyperMax Oxygen system, to help them improve and feel better.  And I can tell you firsthand it works.  In fact, I use HyperMax every day myself, and now feel better than I have in years.

Contact the HyperMax team today for your free Oxygen Information Kit and see how easy it is to start harnessing the power of Oxygen.

Dr. Thomas Incledon, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
Causenta Wellness

B.S. in Exercise Science
B.S. in Nutrition
M.S. in Kinesiology
Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology

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“Exercising with HyperMax has increased the oxygen circulation throughout my entire body and totally changed my life! I’m here to tell you: this Oxygen wellness thing is for real.”

mark • 64

Mark is one of our HyperMax team Members who use the system every day before work


“I am a bit older, so I have aches and pains when it comes to working out. But after my first few sessions with HyperMax, my recovery after workouts was so much better!

clare • 59

Claire and others were compensated for their time to particiapte in the HyperMax Oxygen trials


“After using HyperMax for the first time, I knew it was different… I could feel it. It was a feeling I haven’t had, since I was 17 years old! HyperMax has become the fountain of youth for me.”

mike • 70

Mike and others were compensated for their time to particiapte in the HyperMax Oxygen trials

Why Hypermax?

It may just be the best thing you’ve ever done to improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. HyperMax is a personal oxygen wellness delivery system that you can use in only a 15 minutes per session, a few times a week. Exercise just enough to raise your heart rate, then breathe in the HyperMax Oxygen (which is 93% pure). The blood vessels and capillaries in the body get saturated with clean, highly pure Oxygen, and the results translate directly into how much better you can feel.

What Is Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)?

What Is Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)?

By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC Do you know that breathing in higher levels of oxygen will work to improve the health of your blood, cells and microvessels? This is especially true when you use exercise with oxygen therapy to increase oxygen circulation throughout the...

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Authorized Dealers

Medical Practices

Doctors and medical professional know nothing lives long without oxygen. You can help your patients live better with 93% pure, HyperMax Oxygen- it’s new revenue for your practice, while improving their health and wellness.

Naturopathic Professionals

Nothing is more natural than oxygen. That’s what HyperMax is all about. Moderate exercise while breathing higher oxygen purity. You’ll get a new income stream while satisfied clients regularly return for the oxygen they love.

Clinic and Spa Owners

HyperMax is an innovative addition to your clinic or spa. It only takes a small 26” footprint, but it can return big revenue to you, and even larger wellness benefits to your customers. Oxygen and exercise working together is here to stay.

Physical Therapists

Adding HyperMax Oxygen to your patients’ PT regime can give them a big advantage; oxygen and exercise can reduce inflammation and improve mobility. For you, it’s a financial advantage bringing in new revenue.


Up your game, gain that extra edge and crush your workouts like never before. Hypermax Oxygen is the ultimate game changer for athletes ready to take control of their body’s oxygen levels and achieve a higher level of performance.


If your training program needs that extra push to boost revenue and help your clients achieve their fitness goals, HyperMax Oxygen sessions could provide that big break you’ve been waiting for.


Ready for a renewed buzz and record memberships at your gym? Get started today by adding a few HyperMax Oxygen Sport Systems to your facility. Special pricing available on orders of multiple systems.


As all good coaches know—champions are made in the off-season. Jumpstart your workouts by adding HyperMax Oxygen to your practices and give your players that extra advantage on game day.

Harness the power of Oxygen.

Oxygen heals & energizes, improves mental performance, strengthens the physical body and stimulates your sex drive. In scientific studies, test subjects improved their memory an average of 20%, and reaction times in certain activities an average of 15%. And the HyperMax Oxygen Health and Fitness System is certified for 93% oxygen purity, so you know what you’re getting with every breath.

Holistic Science

Human cells need oxygen above all else to survive and thrive. Better oxygen means a better mind and a better body. That’s what HyperMax Oxygen is all about. 300% more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right now.

Early Adopters

The use of oxygen for health and fitness isn’t new, but HyperMax certainly is. Our revolutionary approach to exercising with oxygen is at a breakthrough technological level, awaiting health-minded pioneers who love to be first.


The top building block in the body is oxygen. No matter how you map your personal eco-system, all roads connect with oxygen. HyperMax is the superhighway to better wellness. It delivers three times more oxygen purity than you’re breathing right this minute.